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Three expressions sum up the long history line of jabwood:


The amazing story of the Jabado family started a long time ago,

back in the 1930's, in a small shop of retail wood planks with a yearly sale of 4000 CBM owned by Mr. Mahmoud Jabado near Beirut harbor. And just like the trees, out of which their wood is produced, the family matured to become a highly acclaimed company that both imports and exports the finest wood.

Because for close to half a century we've been a growing concern. From a traditional family lumberyard in Beirut harbor with most customers within a 10 Kms radius, we've become a multi-division company supplying the Middle East market with most of its timber needs.

Nowadays, Jabwood carries large-scale timber operations of 400,000 CBM covering all the Middle East territories in a company, which is recognized as one of the leading companies in the Arab World and among the top world timber trading companies World Wide.

You don't achieve worldwide sales of approximately 400,000 CBM on policy of prices alone. At Jabwood, we have the unique ability to ship global orders immediately, and from an inventory measured in thousands of CBM, which is consisting of virtually every species of timber, and every kind of stratified product requested in the Middle East. Today, our Jabwood international department has the resources and capabilities to supply virtually every country in the Middle East with products and services that have earned recognition everywhere for consistent quality and reliable delivery.

Yet we still work to build close, long-term relationships with our customers, doing business with the same traditional family values we had when we began. That's probably why, even today, small and large businesses still think of us more as business 'partners', and consultants rather than as a 'conventional' supplier.